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Dr. Olivia Reyes is a Texas native and practices as a board certified licensed Physical Therapist in her home city of San Antonio, Texas. Olivia received her Bachelors degree in Exercise Sports Science with Pre Physical Therapy focus from Texas State University. After graduating, Olivia worked as a Physical Therapy Technician at an orthopedic practice  while applying to PT programs. Olivia graduated with her Doctor of Physical Therapy doctoral degree from The University of the Incarnate Word in 2016.
Olivia's passion for pediatrics began in PT school during a lengthy course work rotation at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas. Since then, she has committed her career to working with babies and their families. Her passion for empowering mom's to empower their children started very early being raised by a widowed mother who raised three children with one being Autistic. Olivia saw the lack of support and education directly from a mother's perspective and it has continued to fuel TheBabyPT to make baby development accessible for everyone.

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